Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training (One to One)

Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training (One to One Online Training)

Duration : 40 Sessions

Each Session Duration : 1 Hour

Oracle Fusion Applications

Fusion Models

On Premise

Cloud Computing

Categories of Cloud Computing


Architecture & Introduction

Architecture Of Fusion Applications

Implementing Enterprise Structures

Fusion-Enterprise Structure Vs R12-EBS structure

Introduction to Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud Implementation

Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)

Overview of Security Rules

Overview of Authorization Policy Manager(APM)

Oracle Identity Manager / Authorization Policy Manager

Introduction to Fusion Business Process Management(BPM)

Applications/Cycles Covered as Part of Fusion SCM Training

1. Oracle Fusion General Ledger

2. Oracle Fusion Inventory & Product Management

3. Oracle Fusion Procurement

4. Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables

5. Oracle Fusion Order Management/Order Orchestration

6. Oracle Fusion Pricing

7. Oracle Fusion Accounts Receivables


1. Procure to Pay (P2P) Cycle

2. Order to Cash (O2C) Cycle

Fusion General Ledger

Creation of Implementation Project

Defining Accounting Calender

Defining Chart of Accounts

Defining Chart of Accounts Instance

Defining Primary Ledger

Defining Legal Entities

Defining Business Entities

Oracle Fusion Inventory

Inventory and Product Management Configuration

Create Location for Inventory Organization

Create Facility shifts

Create Facility Workday pattern

Create Facility Schedules

Create Item Classifications & Setting up security

Create Item organization

Create Inventory Organizations

Create Sub Inventory and Locators

Define UOM

Configuring Receiving Parameter for Inventory Organizations

Materials Management and Logistics

Master Item Creation Process

Receipt Creation Process

Receipt Routings

Receipt Put Away

Conducting Inspection and Delivery of Materials

Checking On Hand Availability

Movement Orders

Sub-Inventory Transfers

Inventory Org Transfer

Manage Inter Organization Transfer

Purchase Returns

Creating Miscellaneous Receipts

Creating Unordered Receipt

Creating Blind Receipts/Receiving

Physical Inventory Counting

Cycle Counting

Oracle Fusion Procurement

Configuration for Business Functions

Create Procurement Agents

Assign Business unit business functions to Business unit

Configuring Procurement Business Function

Configuring Requisitioning Business Function

Configuring Common Options for Payables and Procurement

Configuration for Oracle Fusion Purchasing

Create Supplier

Create Supplier Address

Create Supplier Site

Assign Supplier Site to Procurement Business Units

Create Payment Terms

Define Approval Management for Procurement

Create Approval Groups for Procurement

Implementation of Requisition Approvals

Implementation of Purchasing Document Approvals

Working on Task configurations for Procurement

Configuration for Procurement Transaction Accounting

Transaction Account Builder (TAB)

Manage Mapping Sets

Create Account Rules for Accrual Account

Create Account Rules for Charge Account

Create Account Rules for Destination Charge Account

Create Account Rules for Destination Variance Account

Create Account Rules for Variance Account

Manage Transaction Account Types

Complete Manage Transaction Account Definitions

Assign Purchase Transaction Account Definitions to

Sub ledger Accounting options

Procurement Transactional Processing

Requisition Process

Creating Purchase Orders

Auto Create Purchase Order

Approving Purchase Orders

Amending Purchase Orders

Creating and Approving Blanket Purchase Agreements

Creating and Approving Contract Purchase Agreements

Centralize Procurement Concept

File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process-Requisitions

File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process-Suppliers

File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process-Purchase Orders

Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables

Payables Basic Setups

Common options for Payables and Procurement

Invoice Options Configuration

Payment Options Configuration

Create Distribution Sets

Create Banks

Create Branches

Create Bank Accounts

Create Payables Documents

Create Payment Process Profile

Open AP Periods

Accounts Payable Transactional Process

Invoice Creation based on PO

Invoice Creation based on Receipt

Auto Debit Memo Creation (Purchase Returns)

Self-Billing Invoice Creation

Payment Creation

Oracle Fusion Order Management / Order Orchestration(DOO)

Order Orchestration Overview

Order Management Parameter

Define Common Order Orchestration Configuration

Define Order Promising and Perform Data Collections

Manage Order Promising Rules

Define Sales Order Fulfillment

Shipping Parameter

Ship Confirm Rule

Customer & Site/Address Creation

Create Price List

Pricing Segment

Pricing Strategy

Assignment Pricing Strategy

Transactional Process

Sales Order Creation

Booking Sales Order and Pick Release

Sales Order Ship confirmation

Interfacing Sales Order information to AutoInvoice Interface

RMA Process

Dropship Sales Order Process

Back to Back(B2B) Sales Order Process

Internal Material Transfer Orders(IMT)

File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Customers

File Based Data Import (FBDI) Process – Sales Order

Oracle Fusion Pricing

Create Price List

Pricing Segment

Pricing Strategy

Assignment Pricing Strategy

Oracle Fusion Accounts Receivables

Define Common Accounts Receivable Configuration Manage

Receivables Payment Terms

Manage Auto Accounting Rules

Manage Transaction Types

Manage Transaction Sources

Manage Receipt Classes and Methods

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