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Oracle D2K | Oracle Forms and Reports 10g Online Training Details

Oracle D2K | Oracle Forms and Reports 10g Online Training Details (One to One Online Training)

Duration : 12 Sessions

D2K Course Content

Forms 10g

. Introduction and Role in Oracle APPS
. Fundamentals of D2K

Types of Blocks

. Creation of blocks Through wizard and Manually
. Creation of Master-Detail Data Blocks


. Creation of Different Types of Canvases and Working with Canvases


. Types of windows and working with windows and changing windows properties

Triggers in Forms

. Different types of Triggers
. Working with Triggers and Applying to Different Controls


. Creation of alerts and Calling of Alerts Changing Properties at runtime and Re-using Alerts


Creation of Editors, Types of Editors and Calling editors through Code

Creation of Object Groups

. Creating and Using Object Groups
. Creating and Using Object Libraries

Using Image Items

. Storing and Retrieving Images
. Working With Image Items

Record Groups

. Creation of Record Groups Based On Query and Using Static Values


. Creation of Lov through wizard and Manually
. Working with Lov Properties


. Creation of Menus, popup Menus and attaching menus to Forms

Program Units

. Working with Procedures, Functions and Packages in Forms

PL/SQL Libraries

. Usage of PL/SQL Libraries in Forms and Attached Libraries
. Using Database Objects and Creating Database objects through forms.

Reports 10g

. Introduction
. Fundamentals of Reports
. Advantages, Features and role of Reports in D2K

Creation of Reports using Wizards

. Creation of Different types of Reports
. Creation of Reports Manually
. Creation of Reports with different Parameters
. User Parameters
. System Parameters
. Manual Reports
. Creation of Reports through Data Model SQL Query
. Working with Formula Columns
. Working with Summary Columns
. Working with Place Holder Columns
. Working with Data links
. Working with Cross Products
. Creating Report With Parameters

Reports in Triggers

. Before Parameter Form
. After Parameter Form
. Before Report
. Between Pages
. After Report

Creation of Templates

. Creation of Layout in Reports
. Drill Down Reports
. Calling Reports from Forms
. Calling Reports from Reports