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Oracle Apps R12 Technical + Interview Questions self paced course bundle published on Udemy

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Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training Course + Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions Explained Clearly through Videos Course Bundle Consists of

1. Oracle Apps R12 Technical Training Course

2. Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions Explained through Videos

Please find the below details

1. Oracle Apps R12 Technical Online Training Videos  

Oracle Apps R12 Technical is the Enterprise Resource Package (ERP) package. It has designed on the base of Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP). This Oracle Application has the business software or else application software of the Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Apps Technical Course is a collection of complete end-to-end solutions that serve businesses with their own functionality. Oracle Apps Technical Video Tutorials Course provides an in-depth explanation on the technical module of data integration. This module makes you understand the architecture, table relations, designing reports and forms using Oracle Apps.

From oracle apps technical course content, you get a clear idea of

Types of Roles, Application Object Library, Application Development, Registration of Custom Objects, Interfaces and Conversions, Flex fields, Profiles, Value Sets, Multi-org Concepts, Functional Modules Overview, Reports and Forms in Oracle Applications and development of XML Reports.

There are incredible job opportunities for the desired aspirants with highest paid salary range. It will be a great career advantage by taking Oracle Apps Technical Course.

Who should take this oracle Apps technical course

Any Professional with Basic Knowledge on SQL and PL/SQL

2. Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions are Clearly Explained through 40+ Videos

What is ERP

What is Architecture of ERP

What are the Different Types of API’S for Customer Interface

What are the Parameters in PLSQL Stored Procedures

What are the Steps Required for Customizing the Form

What are the Steps Required for Attaching Report with Oracle Applications

What is Data Link

In which Tables the Flexfields are Stored

What is the Difference Between Key Flexfield and Descriptive Flexfield

Which Procedure should be called to enable a Descriptive Flexfield

What is the Difference between Flexfield Qualifier and Segment Qualifier

Where do the Concurrent Request Logfile and Output file go

What is Apps Schema. Differentiate Apps Schema and other Schemas

What is the Purpose of US Folder in Appl Directory

Explain Custom.pll, forms, reports, sql loader, control file

When will we use custom.pll

How do you find whether Multiorg is Installed

What are the Data Handlers

What are the Steps for Customizing the Standard Oracle Report

Difference between Bind Parameter and Lexical Parameter

How to find the Report short name for customizing the report

what is the structure of visappl

How to migrate the custom tables from 11.5.10 to r12

What is the Difference between Conversion and Interface

How to register a table and columns through backend

Explain the Functions fnd_req, submit_req

What are Cursors, where we have to use

Explain about the Report triggers

What is token

What are the Steps Required for Registering the Report into Apps

What are Security Attributes, Profiles

What are the Steps for Developing the Flexfields

What are Profile Options. At what level we setup the profile options

How can you know the form(fmb) name

What is the Relation between Responsibility, Menu and Request Group

What is a Function, Appl_top

What are the Supported Version of Forms and Reports Used for Developing an Oracle Apps Release 11i/r12

What is the responsibility, request group, dff

What is a Data Group and where we have to use

What is Responsibility

What is E Business Suite

What are Different Types of Responsibilities

What is a Template

What is the adhoc report

What is Value Set

What are the Different Validations Types

What is Multi Org Structure

What is the Maximum number of records we can display in one page in xml reports

What is Primary Ledger

How can we call standard interface program

Where can you find the release name from backend

Tell me what are the base tables  in AR Module

Where do we create tables, sequence

Where do we create views, procedures and new profile options

What is Formula Column and Summary Column

TCA (Trading Community Architecture)

What is Flex Mode and Confine Mode 

What is Place holder Column

What is Apps Architecture

What are the API’s

Difference between Application Developer and System Administrator

Use of Triggers in Forms and Types of Triggers 

What is TCA (Trading Community Architecture)

Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Interfaces 

Form Personalization

What is MRC (Multiple Reporting Currency)

What are the Different Types of Interfaces

What is the Difference between Operating Unit and Inventory Organization

What is Item Validation Organization

Oracle Apps R12 Technical Online Training (One to One)

Oracle Apps R12 Technical Online Training Details (One to One)

Duration : 25 Sessions

Each Session Duration : 1 HR

Oracle Apps Technical Online Training Course Content

Introduction To ERP

• Definition of ERP
• Overview of popular ERP’S
• Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP’S
• AIM documentation standards
• Oracle Application Architecture.
• Database structure of OA
• Using TOAD

Types Of Roles

• Functional Consultant and Roles
• Technical Consultant and Roles
• Techno-Functional Consultant and Roles
• Oracle Application DBA and Roles

Application Object Library

• System Administration and Application Object Library (AOL)
• Defining an Applications User and Assigning the Responsibilities.
• Understanding AOL and its Components
• WHO columns
• Creating Responsibilities
• Request group creation
• Menu Creation

Application Development

• Defining concurrent program
• Concurrent programs with parameters
• Working with multiple concurrent programs
• Concurrent Program incompatibilities
• Creating Request Set
• Default Types
• Value sets

Registration Of Custom Objects

• Report registration
• Registration of a Table
• Using AD_DD Package to register Database Component in AOL

Interfaces and Conversions

• Introduction to Interfaces
• Difference Between Interfaces and Conversions
• Outbound Interfaces
o Using UTL_FILE package
• Inbound Interfaces
o Using SQL * Loader tool
• SQL * Loader Concepts o Data File.
o Control File.
o Bad File.
o Discard File.
o Log File.
• Working with staging table script
• Developing validations package
• Standards to be followed in conversions
• Using oracle API’s in Interfaces and Conversions
• Interface Tables and Error Tables

Flex Fields

• Overview of flex fields
• Types of Flex Fields
o Descriptive Flex Fields
o Key Flex Fields
• Step in creation of DFF
• Flex fields tables and relations


• Overview of profile options
• Different levels in Setting profiles
• Steps in setting a profile option
• Some important profile options
• Some important API’s of profiles

Value Sets

• Overview of value sets
• Options in value sets
• Types of value sets
• Creation of value set
• Overview of value set tables
• Usage of $FLEX and $PROFILE

Multi Org Concepts

• What is Multi Org and why we need.
• Multi Org Tables.
• Multi Org Views.

Functional Modules Overview

• Overview of Procure to Pay Flow (P2P Cycle)
• Overview of Order to Cash Flow (O2C Cycle)
• Major setups and transactions
• Overview of important tables in PO,INV,OM,AP,AP,GL

Reports In Oracle Applications

• Introduction and Usage of USER_EXITS.
• Developing a Report from scratch as per Client Requirement.
• Developing a Report based on MD 50 Document.
• Customization of Oracle Standard Reports.
• Reports Registration Steps in Oracle Applications
• Standards to develop a report in Oracle Apps

Forms In Oracle Applications

• New Form Development Process
• Form Registration in Oracle Applications.
• Calling one Form to another Form by using Button
• Master-Detailed Forms
• Form Personalization in Oracle Applications
• Form Personalization v/s Form Customization

Development Of XML Reports

Introduction to Work Flow

• Workflow Introduction
• Workflow development process
• Running the workflow
• Sending notifications
• Branching the workflow using result out variable

FAQS In Oracle Apps Technical